Paradise Cottage

Gray Cottage in the Woods During the Summer
Paradise Cottage on a July evening, vacation rental. It is both a cabin in the woods, and a cottage by the sea, East Boothbay

Paradise Cottage, situated just 3 miles from Boothbay Harbor in Mid-coast Maine, is set in perennial gardens with woods at its back and views of 

Backyard Landscape at Cottage During Summertime
The side path to Paradise Cottage with sedum, cleome, impatiens, and anemone in bloom

Linekin Bay on two sides through the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows or from the private sitting area at the west end of the deck.  Paradise Cottage is both a cabin in the woods and a cottage by the sea; the best of both.  Cozy and inviting, it can be your week of retreat.  Relax and breathe the fresh,  invigorating salty sea breeze!  Guests at Paradise Cottage have the use of our beach on the cove shared only by our two properties where the water warms in summer as it comes in over the sun-drenched pebbles making it the warmest water on the mid-coast for swimming.

Inside hall Paradise Cottage
Inside hall Paradise Cottage; 4 large windows look up onto the woods.

This shore is also a good place to store and then launch your kayaks, or you are welcome to borrow one of our three sit-on-tops after signing our release. Rest, relax, read, and while you take in the beautiful natural surroundings, or go to Boothbay Harbor, just three miles away for gourmet restaurants, boat cruises, shops, art galleries, and more.

Although the front entrance is quite steep, an alternative has a four-step minimum to get into Paradise Cottage, the house is laid out all on one level with a wide hall along the back connecting all the rooms and also with four large windows offering expansive views up the slope into the woods behind. The “great room” also includes a wood stove, the dining area, and a small, but complete kitchen.  Each room has a door to the deck which borders the house on two sides, expanding the living space of the already large rooms and blending them into the gardens. The cottage is mostly carpeted.  Two baths and the compact but complete kitchen make your stay more comfortable.

Our rowboat moored in the cove, evening.
Our rowboat moored in the cove, evening.

To find Paradise Cottage on the map below you can actually zoom in on the Earth or Satellite view and locate the “dog-leg” dock at Seanook.  Then our three buildings appear in a straight line from west to east.  Seanook is the first one by the dock, then Paradise Cottage, and lastly Paradise Studio.

In 1952 my father built the main room of Paradise Cottage across the road from Seanook for my grandmother.  She had the bedroom added, but you walked through the bathroom to get to it.  When I acquired the properties in 1997, I renovated and winterized both cottages, also adding the wide and windowed back hall and end bedroom to Paradise Cottage.

Eating area with the wood stove in the great room at Paradise Cottage
Eating area with the wood stove in the great room at Paradise Cottage

It is now a year-round 2 bedroom, 2 bath vacation cabin rented by the week only in Shoulder and Summer Seasons and with a 2-night minimum and by the month in fall, winter, and spring.  

The use of our linens is optional at $25 for just 2 people, $50 for 3-6 people.  We are required to collect 9% tax.  Four adults maximum for this small house. 

Come experience this delightful location while it is available for your vacation pleasure.

Summertime pots on the porch
Summertime pots on the porch. Weekly vacation rentals in summer, Saturday to Satuday.  There is now a small deck with potted herbs instead of the hot tub at Paradise Cottage.