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Crisp, clear September morning
Crisp, clear September morning

September is our favorite month!  Of course, we say that about every month, but September, regardless, ranks right at the top.  The air is crisp, clear and cool which makes the  colors vibrant and the water sparkle.  It is not too cool to still enjoy summer activities, and around here there are fewer people to deal with when you are doing so.   Although the fish hawks and

A lobster boat in the cove
A lobster boat in the cove

hermit thrush have already left, other wildlife seem to be more in evidence.  I saw turkeys yesterday, a deer, an eagle, a loon, and a flock of mergansers.

Besides that, the tide was high enough for two lobster boats to chug right close by Seanook and into our cove to leave or pick up traps at the shore.

This is Maine the way it should be!  September.

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